High Beer

Getting bored of all the high teas, and looking for something a bit stronger? Come try our high beer!

6 tasty home-brewed beers with delicious artisanal snacks.

The following beers are served during the divine high beer:

  • Luna 5 %: Pilsner, brewed with a high yeasting, a mild bitter and a rich taste. Glowing as the moon.
  • Godelief 5 %: Amber-coloured beer, brewed with a hint of caramel malt. Divine hops.
  • Serafijn 5 %: White beer, brewed with orange zest and coriander. Fresh and fruity, a derivation of the first Dutch white beer: De Witte Raaf (The White Raven).
  • Mariken 6.5 %: Fresh blonde beer, aromatically seasoned with a secret herb that makes you happy!
  • Moenen 6.5%: Smoked bock beer, brewed with smoked malt. The beer has a smoky aroma and a distinct taste.
  • Helse Engel 8 %: Blonde mild tripel. Gevleugeld met hop, light and treacherous.
  • Nieuw Ligt 10 %: Dark and mysterious barley wine. Richly aromatic because of the sweet caramel, with a dry aftertaste.
  • Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru 12 %: Subtle, mild and sweet. The fact that it has been fermented a second time and that it has been ripened in a keg for at least 2 years, makes this beer a remarkable experience!
  • Seasonal beers: to know which seasonal beers we serve, follow our Facebook page or blog.

Price: €18.75 p.p.

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