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De Hemel offers beer tastings to small or big groups. In the Brouwerscafé, we serve tasting glasses of all our 10 draft beers in a heavenly or hellish setting.

  • Hemelse Proeverij (Heavenly Tasting): 6 tasting glasses of draft beer: Luna, Godelief, Serafijn, Seizoensbier, Helse Engel and Nieuw Ligt.
  • Helse Proeverij (Hellish Tasting): 10 tasting glasses of draft beer: Luna, Godelief, Serafijn, Mariken, Moenen, Helse Engel, Nieuw Ligt, Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru and 2 seasonal beers
  • High Beer: 4 medium-sized beers, served with delicious snacks.

The price of the beer tastings is € 7.50 for a Hemelse Proeverij & € 12.50 for a Helse Proeverij and € 19.50 for a High Beer.

You can also enjoy our artisanal beers while dining. Since we serve different courses with meat and fish, you can easily combine your meal with a beer tasting. You can taste the beers in a relaxed setting, while you eat various types of grilled meat, as well as delicious seafood dishes.


De Hemel’s beers are brewed in the Stadsbrouwerij in the Brouwzaal (the restaurant area) and in the cellars of Commanderie van Sint Jan. On Monday and Tuesday afternoon, you can even see brewer Henk doing what he does best during a lunch or a High Tea. The brewery also offers guided tours with an extensive explanation of the brewing process and the Brouwerij’s history. In collaboration with Brouwerij De Hemel, Restaurant & Brouwerscafé De Hemel also offers arrangements in which you can combine a lunch or a dinner with a guided tour.


Stadsbrouwerij de Hemel produces the following beers, which are also served during the beer tastings:

  • Luna 5 %: Pilsner, brewed with a high yeasting, a mild bitter and a rich taste. Glowing as the moon.
  • Godelief 5 %: Amber-coloured beer, brewed with a hint of caramel malt. Divine hops.
  • Serafijn 5 %: White beer, brewed with orange zest and coriander. Fresh and fruity, a derivation of the first Dutch white beer: De Witte Raaf (The White Raven).
  • Mariken 6.5 %: Fresh blonde beer, aromatically seasoned with a secret herb that makes you happy!
  • Moenen 6.5%: Smoked bock beer, brewed with smoked malt. The beer has a smoky aroma and a distinct taste.
  • Helse Engel 8 %: Blonde mild tripel. Gevleugeld met hop, light and treacherous.
  • Nieuw Ligt 10 %: Dark and mysterious barley wine. Richly aromatic because of the sweet caramel, with a dry aftertaste.
  • Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru 12 %: Subtle, mild and sweet. The fact that it has been fermented a second time and that it has been ripened in a keg for at least 2 years, makes this beer a remarkable experience!
  • Seasonal beers: to know which seasonal beers we serve, follow our Facebook page or blog.


We recommend you make a reservation if you come for a beer tasting with a group of more than 10 persons. In the weekends and in the holiday periods, we recommend you make reservations for beer tastings as early as possible! You can reserve a beer tasting using the booking button at the top right of the screen, at “product” you can select ‘drinks’ and in the comment field, you can indicate which tasting you would like to attend.

4 thoughts on “Beer tastings

  1. We are a groupe af 17 people from Denmark, and we would like to come and have a beer tasting event at your brewery.
    Is it possible to make such a event the 29’th of August at 13.30?
    Please let me hear from you as soon as possible.

    1. Dear guest,

      We have tables auailible for your group on de 29th of august.
      If you want to make a reservatie you can do that here, or use our contact form here

      Kind regards

  2. Dear Sir/Madam

    Would it be possible to have a brewery tour and tasting for three people on the afternoon of sunday 5th May when we visit the town?
    I have a Beer Reviewing YouTube Channel and would very much like to do a feature on your brewery for it. My Channel is The Bier Hooligan, if you want to check it out?


    Mark Burgess

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