Pilsner-style beer, pale with a pleasant aroma of hops, filtered. (5 %)


Type of Belgian ale, mild and beautiful, brewed with light-brown malt to add a hint of caramel. (5 %)


Heavenly white beer brewed with wheat and malted barley and coriander, to create the typical fruitiness of the first truly Dutch white beer. (5 %)


Our summer beer is blonde, fresh and aromatic. With a secret herb that makes you happy. (6.5 %)


A smoked beer, brewed with smoked malt, so it has a distinct smoky aroma, truly something for lovers of a unique beer taste. (6.5 %)

Helse Engel

Tripel. As its name (which means ‘hellish angel’) implies, it is so tempting it had to come with a warning! (8 %)

Nieuw Ligt

Rich in taste, colour and body, nicely balanced, despite the high alcohol content. (10 %)

Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru

The strongest beer we have in stock, subtle, mild and sweet. The fact that it has been fermented a second time and that it has been ripened in a keg for at least 2 years, makes this beer a remarkable experience! (12 %)


In addition to the standard offering of our brewery’s beers, we serve various seasonal beers, a number of annually recurring varieties, such as the I.P.A., Hemels Dubbel, Rafael, Lentebok, Zomerzon and Gloeiende Gabriel. Furthermore, we sometimes serve a new variety if there is a good reason, or if Brewer Henk wants to try something new, such as the Stout, for example. Below you will find a number of seasonal beers with descriptions:

Weizen 5%

Weizen is a full white beer, brewed with only malt, hops and wheat, in accordance with the German tradition. Just like all beers brewed by De Hemel, it is brewed with a frothy layer of top yeast. The Weizen beer has a nice fruity taste which reminds you of banana, and is not that bitter because less hops have been used during the brewing process. The Weizen also partially thanks its taste to the brewery’s own Weizen yeast strain.

Dubbel 6,5%

Hemels Dubbel (Heavenly Double) is a dark beer, with a dark-roasted malt. The beer is a bit less sweet than most dubbels and features mild bitter tones. This beer is also brewed with a frothy layer of top yeast.

Scotch 8,5%

Contrary to what its name suggests, the Scotch is not a whiskey, but a seasonal beer brewed by De Hemel. The beer is brewed in accordance with a Belgian tradition. It has a lovely caramel taste because of the use of caramel malt, with a mild aftertaste. The alcohol percentage of 8.5 % makes this one of our tougher guys, only being topped by our Nieuw Ligt and Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru, which contain 10 and 12 per cent. The beer was first brewed in 2015 as a test brew for the Alliantie van Bier Tapperijen (Alliance of Public Houses).

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