Not only can you find everything you need on-site at De Hemel in Nijmegen, we can also come to you! A selection of the options we offer:

✓ BBQ Catering
✓ Buffets
✓ High Tea
✓ 3 to 5-course dinners
✓ Beers by De Hemel
✓ Soft drinks, wines, etc.
✓ Friendly and skilful staff
✓ Decoration

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High Tea Catering

Enjoy our High Tea at your location! The high tea was first developed by Duchess Anna of Bedford. She felt that there was too much time between lunch and dinner, so that around 16.00 she became very hungry. Around 1840 she took the initiative: she ordered her servant to bring a tray of sandwiches, cake and tea to her room. She liked it so much that soon she invited a number of friends to come and enjoy the many delicacies and cups of tea her chef prepared. We would love to deliver our High Tea at your location. A Heavenly High Tea consists of coffee and tea. We also serve delicious petit fours, chocolate fudge and chocolate crunch, spekkoek (Dutch-Indonesian layered cake), brownies and scones with clotted cream and marmalade. In addition, we also serve sandwiches with tuna salad, egg salad and ham, with home-made pesto mayonnaise. If you were to have other wishes, due to a diet or allergies, then we’ll be happy to assist you. All of this for a price of € 24.50 per person.

Dinner Catering

Would you rather like a dinner at your location, then we’d love to drop by. We serve a customised Hemel buffet at home or at work. Together, we compile a delicious buffet that will please all eaters. If there were to be any diet requirements or allergies, then we will also serve these people with something heavenly. We also work together with De Ontmoeting to serve Tapas catering! Contact us now and ask about the options. Prices are negotiable


Of course, you are aware that we brew our own beers in our city brewery. We can also serve these beers on your event! Contact us and ask about the options.

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